Stamped Overlays

Stamped overlays is a great way to spice up existing concrete, it would also be useful when removing and replacing concrete is not cost effective for your project. Not only do you have as many options to add creative flare to your project with stamped overlays, but it is also less time and labor intensive to install. Times when stamped overlays are most useful are when there are surrounding structures that run a risk of being damaged during demolition (ie. Stair cases, swimming pools, walls). If the concrete is in good enough shape to restore it, then stamped overlays are recommended.

Stamping an overlay allows you to create a distinctive pattern to match your surroundings and add appeal to the area. Using the stamping patterns, you can create stone, slate, brick, wood, cobblestone and many other patterns for a fraction of the cost. The durability of concrete makes stamping overlays a great alternative to other masonry materials.

The minimum concrete that needs to be applied is 3/8 inch. You may need to apply more concrete depending on the deepness of the impression on the concrete stamp.

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